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Pearl Harbour

One of our first excursions was to Pearl Harbour to view the Arizona Memorial. The Memorial is located within the 12,600-acre Pearl Harbour Naval Base which, to this day, is the headquarters from which the US Pacific Fleet patrols the 102 million miles of ocean. We toured the visitor centre where we studied photographs and models of many of the ships that were sunk in the bombing. Many of these were returned to active service and only the Arizona and the Utah could not be salvaged. Perhaps because about half of all visitors to this site are Japanese, the displays are very even-handed.

Before viewing the actual memorial itself, we listened to a war veteran talk about his experiences of the events that happened on 7th December 1941. A short film showed actual footage of the events leading up to the attack and new reel clips highlighted the aftermath of the disaster. Navy personnel took us across the short stretch of water, which is within the boundary of the naval base, to the white marble memorial. The memorial is sited over the clearly visible sunken US Arizona, which is the watery grave for 1177 who lost their lives when the ship went down. Occasionally veteran survivors chose to be buried at this site. One wall of the memorial is inscribed with the names of those who died here.

The design of the memorial was described by the architect, Alfred Preis "Wherein the structure sags in the center but stands strong and vigorous at the ends, expresses initial defeat and ultimate victory....The overall effect is one of serenity. Overtones of sadness have been omitted to permit the individual to contemplate his own personal responses...his innermost feelings."

You can get further information about the memorial from the official National Parks Service web site Arizona Memorial

Arizona memorial