WWWomen Hawaii Harmonic Convergence

'Chilling out' on the patio: Sadie, Christie and CindyTime and Motion

One of the first priorities (after attending to the provisions of course) for any democratic group of women was to get an idea of what people wanted to do in the short time we had on the island. Ideas were bandied around and an itinerary for the 5 days drawn up. Although we had some much we wished to do, we quickly adapted to the island way. We adjusted our body clocks to 'island time' (and I don't mean GMT – 11). We got up when it was light, we had long leisurely meals on the patio, we 'chilled-out' when we felt the need to, and we chatted into the wee sma' hours and went to bed when we couldn't keep our eyes open a minute longer.

My day started with a swim each morning. I'd awaken about 6am, with the noise of the 'rainstick'' and wander through to the kitchen to grab a glass of chilled water before going out to the beach to stare unbelievingly at the blue sea and the sun over the Mokula islands. Sadie, Cindy and Anna-Marie would be sitting at our table on the beach having been up in time for the sunrise. Whilst they indulged in quiet contemplation or chat, I thrashed about in the water, imagining myself to be a mermaid, but more accurately portraying an octopus. The sea was not entirely idyllic, as one morning I was stung by what I assume was a jellyfish, although I didn't actually see it. I came out of the sea, scratching at my arm and feeling my neck 'burning' - when I looked in the mirror I saw a number of red marks around my neck and down my back. A ten minute cold shower helped to relieve the pain and thankfully the redness went quickly.

Breakfast was a much more elaborate affair than the quick tea and toast at home. As well as an assortment of fresh fruits (pineapple, papaya, banana, melon and oranges) we were treated to freshly baked muffins too. I've never had 'cakes' for breakfast before – but they were delicious. Some of us had our regional specialities too: porridge or vegimite on toast – although disappointingly, others were reluctant to try these. I know the coffee drinkers experienced difficulties with a temperamental coffee machine, but we enjoyed a fresh brew each day, thanks to Carmel's china teapot.

Lucy, Sadie and Cindy on our beach