WWWomen Hawaii Harmonic Convergence

A Special Dinner Date

We planned to have one special meal out at some time during the week and to dress for the occasion. This had been discussed at length before the trip and we all arrived with suitable clothes and accessories for this - all that is except Harriet who did not believe that anyone else would bother with a dress, never mind any accessories! She managed to rectify the situation on one of the shopping trips and was smartly dressed in a Hawaiian muumuu. Cindy was dressed for the occasion in a dress and lovely long cream gloves and a matching boa. Sadie had acquired a regal purple dress and bought a beautiful matching shawl whilst in Hawaii. We all finished 'the look' with our wonderful tiaras. One head remained tiara free, as the tiara was left several thousand miles away on a hat stand in someone's hallway. Guess who? Clue: look at the photo.

Our entry into the restaurant was marked by the attention we received from the other customers. They stared, they smiled, they muttered to one another and some came over to ask who we were. Simple answer: "Queens of the Universe". One woman seated at an adjacent table came over, introduced herself, and after we had given the necessary explanations, she took photos of the assembled Queens. She left clutching a note of the address for the discussion board and I believe she posted a message.


The queens at dinner

Back row: Lucy, Sadie, Carmel, Cindy, Christie

Front row: Mariane, Anna-Marie, Harriet, Sheila