WWWomen Hawaii Harmonic Convergence:

The First International WWWomen Gathering

"Let's go to Hawaii"

When someone suggested going to Hawaii for a first international gathering of the Queens of the Universe (the regulars from the wwwomen.com discussion group), I thought to myself "Lucky them". But 15 months later I found I was one of the lucky 'them'. This trip was a big adventure for me. Not only was I travelling outside Europe for the first time, but also more importantly, I was going to meet some of the wonderful women, who had become a part of my life. The anticipation prior to the trip was intense; I bought books, borrowed books and checked websites to find a clue as to what to expect in Hawaii.

As the excitement mounted, emails zipped back and for at an alarming rate between the travellers - as many as 85 in the last weekend before we left home. I was a little nervous about the trip - I know we had corresponded regularly on the boards over the course of up to 18 months since I stumbled across the site, but what if...? Could a group of 8 women of diverse and varied backgrounds rub along happily together for a week?

The story unfolds

D-Day (Departure day) From Scotland to America
Greeting Old friends Arriving at San Francisco
Up Hill and Down Exploring San Francisco
Hanging On Riding the cable cars
Up, Up and Away to Paradise Isle Arrival at Honolulu
Mountains, forests and blue sea First impressions of Hawaii
Time and Motion Planning the week
Pearl Harbour The Arizona Memorial
Flying High Parasailing
Island Explorations Touring Oahu - temples and pineapples
Snorkelling Hanuama Bay
A Special Dinner Date The Queens dine out
Walks and Thoughts Rainforest walk and leaving